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Texas Health and Human Services Cost Saving Ideas

On this page you may vote on cost-saving ideas submitted from September through November, 2014, by employees of the Texas Health and Human Services System agencies (DADS, DARS, DFPS, DSHS, HHSC).

Before voting, you must register with IdeaScale OR through your social media account (Facebook, etc). Use the links in the top right corner of this page to get started.

Your log-in/registration is completely private, and is never revealed to the agencies. You do not need a new registration if you have previously voted; simply log-in to your account.

After you log-in, click the "I agree" or "I disagree" button to vote on an idea. Your votes will be tabulated when you log-out or when you refresh your browser window.

Voting on this set of ideas will be open until a new set of ideas is posted in July, 2015.

HHS System employees may submit ideas by visiting

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